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Give boiled cold water for the first 3 days then gradually mix in tap water.
This will help your new puppy from having a sore tummy when changing areas. The water is always different from area to area.
Buy a battery run toothbrush (cheap) and let them feel and hear the noise around the puppy’s ears and feet (this will get them used to clippers).
Touch their feet a lot, this will also help when it comes to trimming.


Give a puppy a cold carrot out of the fridge to chew on when teething.


ECHINACEA – Give daily on a programme of 14 days on and 14 days off after a dog has had anti-biotics.
This will help build their immune system back up.

PRIMROSE OIL – Give daily when needed, this will help a hormonal bitch ! 500mg or can be stepped up to 1000mg if bad.

GARLIC – Give daily this will keep fleas away – you can give it in tablet form. Or preferably give Garlic & Fenugreek.

GARLIC & FENUGREEK (Dorwest Herbs) – another brilliant combination – not only does it keep the fleas away but helps ear and nasal passages in spaniels to keep clear (You still have to clean ears regularly). I give 2 x daily for ESS and 1 a day for a cocker. Also it is a deterrent from Kennel Cough (double dose) if in your area or you have it.

ARNICA – give when a dog has had an operation or when a dog has knocked into something helps bring the bruising out quickly. 1x hourly for 6 doses then 1 3xdaily for a few days depending on the extent of the operation or injury.