About us

It all started with me ….affectionately known as Rufus. How could my mum “Fran” not fall for my trusting, loving nature ? I even went to work with my mum sometimes to Yorkshire Television. That was back in 1970; although I’ve been the only labrador I like to think & always know I was the kindling for my mums general love of dogs and in particular gundogs. My mum, after spending a lot of time up in the blue skies, could not resist rescuing a beautiful Wendover Irish Setter who she walked for hours until she found the right home for her. In the mid 1970’s along came “Tammy” Magic Lady of Ardlui who shortly after was joined by Chancellor of Glencaple (Chance) an English Pointer. Both of these two were shown along with Tammy’s nephew “William” Conjuror of Plaiglen.

Family life took up a good few years but when “Ginny” Sh.Ch.Lochar Great Expectations of Plaiglen came along the bug of the ‘show scene’ was there and in 1982 at Leeds Championship show she gained her crown under Mrs Beryl Carstairs.

There were others in the 1980’s/1990’s one of those was Lochar Sunburst of Plaiglen who when mated to Sh.Ch.Lochar Border Union produced “Soames” Plaiglen Border Star. Mum adored him and he was so gentle with the family both 4 legged and 2 legged that he stole the hearts of many. Mum showed him with reasonable success & he was her and the family’s constant companion. When Neil and Mum moved to Lockerbie, Soames went and stole the heart of many a Scottish lass!

1990 was a fine year with the introduction of her first blue cocker bitch called “Bluey” from the Bitcon Kennels. Later in 1995 a springer called Skye Plaiglen Capella needed a companion as a puppy and along came another cocker “Zoe” Bitcon Moon Destiny at Plaiglen (She won the bitch CC at Crufts in 1998 under Mrs Ann Webster). When Skye mated to Sh.Ch.Lyndora Game Boy they produced a very handsome dog called Plaiglen Galaxy Guy in 1996.

Skye had another litter to Calvdale Contraband and from this litter Plaiglen Mystical Moon (Angus) went over to Sweden to Ulla Larsson (Rowntree) where he gained he Swedish title. On Christmas day in 1996 “AM Ch Plaiglen A Star is Born” (Plaiglen Border Star x Eastriding Festive Spirit at Plaiglen) “Jo Jo” went over the Big Pond to America to Tarey & Kathy Brown where they campaigned her to gain American Show Champion status – the first English Bred Springer to accomplish this coveted title.

In 1997 Mossland Wild Thyme at Plaiglen (by Soames) came to stay in Lockerbie; before she left to become Micky George’s (Mortondawn) constant companion she had a litter to Eastriding Black Tuxedo they produced Plaiglen Faye (B/W) called Millie who is still going strong & enjoying life at Brierley.
1999 brought “Paco” (Ghyllahow Uno Estrella at Plaiglen) from Cumbria to live in Lockerbie and her companion was a homebred cocker “Sasha” (Plaiglen Magical Moments). Paco was mated to Sh.Ch.Eastriding Kouros and from this mating a L/W dog was kept – Bugsy (Plaiglen Io)
2003 was a marked year – My mum, Neil & Family made a huge life change and from running a B&B in Lockerbie, Scotland took on the massive task of building up and expanding a Boarding & Quarantine Kennels & Cattery at Brierley Gap, Yorkshire.www.brierleykennels.co.uk

Thankerton Pasquini at Plaiglen (Wilko) joined them at their new home and their first litter at their new abode was a blue roan cocker called “Cash” Plaiglen Iced Magic.
From there the family has expanded somewhat and I now see my mum surrounded by lots of cockers and springers.
In 2005 Cash went to Coastline Happy Hour (IMP FIN) and produced “Smarty” (Plaiglen Magic)and her constant companion was an import from Ireland called “Murphy” (Baysway Davy Boy) who is owned by Mum, Irene Glen & David Shields.
However with easier systems in place to import/export; a Swedish ESS called “Atlas” crossed the waters and came to stay at Brierley. With his Swedish title in hand mum campaigned Atlas (with the help of Colin Woodward) to give his Sh.Ch. status in the UK.
This was another first.

These days mum enjoys her dogs as much as when she first had me. Dogs are her life – at work, at show, and to breed healthy, happy and sound dogs; but most of all to live as part of her ever expanding family. Her latest addition is I know a breed she has wanted for many years and thus it is with much excitement that she now owns (with Jason Lynn) a gorgeous Am.Cocker called Leah (Afterglow Violetta).

The latest additions will be seen in the Photo section. Who knows what the future holds !………..